Foldable SUP Paddle Boards:

Foldable Stand Up Paddle Boards. Patent Pending.

Foldable SUPís that break into 3 equal pieces that are more manageable for storage and transportation. Carry them all together or piece-by-piece!


Our new, revolutionary foldable SUP breaks into 3 equal size boards. Each boards packs into completely separate carrying bag. All 3 bags can be strapped together to form one large carrying bag.

You can now easily transport sectional SUPís even in a small car by placing each bag into separate places, such as car trunk or rear seat. Storage even in a smallest apartment is no longer a problem, because bags can be separated, and stored under bed, in a corner, in a closet or on a balcony.

Assembly and disassembly is a breeze. Just insert or remove 4 bolts with the included T-handle hex tool to join or remove the 3 sections. Heavy-duty fiberglass rods provide lateral rigidity between board pieces and can be stored separately in a convenient storage pouch along with the fins. And to really speed things up, a small electric screwdriver can be used for quick assembly along with optional hex bit.

Our new Tri-sect SUP boards come with 3-pc. soft carry bag, 4 fiberglass rods, 4 stainless steel bolts, T-handle hex tool, 2 small fins and 1 large removable fin.

Inflatable Paddle Boards Sale.

Foldable 11' SUP

- ONLY $899
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Foldable SUP Paddle Board Pictures. Click to zoom in.


Folds down to 3 pieces!

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